Yale GP050LX Utilev UT15-20PTE Utilev UT25-30C Hyster RS45-46 Series
Yale GP050LX
Utilev UT15-20PTE
Utilev UT25-30C
Hyster RS45-46 Series
GP050LXUT15-20PTEUT25-30CRS45-46 Series

Affordable and Durable Pneumatic Lift Trucks

The GP050LX Pneumatic 4-Wheel Lift Truck works as an extended member of your team to meet the bottom line and keep productivity high. Its maneuverability and innovative design with the controlled powershift transmission allow smooth direction changes that won’t decrease tire life.

The GP050LX truck is also safe and operator-friendly. The operator restraint system includes non-cinch seat belts to ensure safety on the job. The adjustable steering column and non-suspension vinyl seat are also designed to combat fatigue, increasing uptime. Stick with Yale for their dedication to quality lift trucks that won’t bust your budget.

UTILEV® forklift trucks deliver a no-nonsense, uncomplicated approach to materials handling. The product range has been designed to be easy to operate and maintain, backed up by a standard warranty and comprehensive parts availability.

Each model features AC Technology drive and hoist motors. A range of front-end equipment options is available to suit varying application requirements.

The ergonomically designed operator compartment, with a familiar automotive layout, means that drivers will be able to quickly acclimate to the trucks operation while providing a comfortable productive environment. A range of standard features and options help to ensure that the truck is configured to the needs of the application.

Thanks to the simplicity of the components and specification, plus the built-in diagnostics accessed via the dash display, servicing can be carried out quickly and easily, even when PCs, laptops or other diagnostic tools are not available.

The use of proven, high quality, robust components, AC Technology, oil-immersed brakes and efficient hydraulics result in reliable operation and lower wear and tear. This - together with the fast availability of cost-effective replacement parts - helps to reduce service and maintenance requirements and costs.

UTILEV® UT25-30C cushion tire forklift trucks are available with efficient, clean-running PSI 2.4L LPG engines and a Powershift transmission, delivering low noise and vibration levels.

The use of high quality, robust components, efficient filtration and excellent cooling helps contribute to reliable operation and lower wear and tear.- All trucks feature a standard warranty of 12 Months / 2000 Hours.

The range of rigid masts provides excellent visibility for precise load handling and is available with a standard carriage, or integral Sideshifting carriage.

The familiar automotive-style controls help to ensure ease of operation. The small diameter steering wheel features light, precise steering. The steering column is tilt adjustable for optimum comfort and includes a forward / reverse lever and direction indicator lever. The manual hydraulic controls are cowl-mounted and within easy reach.

The operator compartment offers easy driver access, thanks to the low step height and conveniently placed grab handles. The uncluttered floor plate offers excellent foot space with a traditional three pedal arrangement, for accelerator, brake and inching.

Conventional rim assembly with standard compound smooth tires is standard. Non-marking smooth tires and standard compound lug tires are available as options.

Outstanding Flexibility for Container Handling Applications

With the shortest turning radius in the container handling business, Hyster® ReachStackers will turn circles around the competition.

Fast lift and lowering speeds, superior visibility and superb ergonomics designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity make Hyster ReachStackers a leader in the container handling industry.
- - 42.5” (1080 mm) Class 2 Hook Type – UT25C 43.3” (1100mm) Class 3 Hook Type – UT30C -
Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck - - CONTAINER REACHSTACKER
Max Height
199 - - 600
- - 2 stage LFL and 3 stage FFL -
Standard Cushion Steer Tires
- - 16x6x10.5 (UT25C) or 16x6/10.5 (UT30C) -
- - - 46,000 - 101,000 lbs
Series Title
GP050LX - - RS45-46 Series
- - 1-speed Powershift -
Standard Cushion Drive Tires
- - 21x7x15 (UT25C) or 21x8x15 (UT30C) -
Max Weight
5000 lbs - - 100000 lbs
- - 4.8" x 1.6" x 42" (1070 X 122 X 40mm) Class 2 (UT25C) 4.8" x 1.8" x 42" (1070 X 122 X 45mm) Class 3 (UT30C) -
  • The GP050LX is the lift truck that works smarter and harder. This truck is designed to be a great value, getting the job done without breaking the bank.
  • The GP050LX is engineered for agility. Every truck is built with an electronically controlled powershift transmission for smooth direction changes, and we’ve designed the truck to be compact and easier to maneuver, so it’s as agile in tight spaces as it is in open ones.
  • The optional integral side shifter allows the load to be optimally positioned, and the responsive, operator-selectable electronically controlled inching adjustments give the driver better control over load positioning.
  • 3.9” x 1.6” x 42” (100x40x1070) Class 2 Forks
  • Load Backrest
  • 39.4” (1000mm) Class II Hook type Carriage
  • 2 Stage LFL Mast 85”/129”/5” with 6° Forward, 6° Back Tilt
  • LCD Display
  • Overhead Guard
  • Wet Disc Brakes
  • 48 Volt Electric System
  • AC Motors
  • The operators will appreciate a more spacious cab, adjustable suspension seat (mechanical or air ride), adjustable tilt steering wheel, integrated seat and adjustable arm rest, low effort controls includes joystick, and power assisted steering and brakes.
  • Engine and transmission protection systems as well as oil-immersed brakes are standard to ensure reliable operation.
  • The Hyster cab offers an outstanding range of standard ergonomic features, plus an optional powered sliding cab, for optimum container visibility in varying operating conditions.
  • The hydraulic system is highly efficient, and features \u2018Power on Demand\u2019 and \u2018Two-Speed Lift\u2019 functions, delivering class leading lifting speeds.
  • The robust, high-strength boom has the capability to stack 9'6\" or 8'6\" containers 5-high in the first row.
  • Joystick controls boom function; lift,lower, extend and retract. Also controls spreader functions: sideshift, rotate, twistlock unlock (locking is automatic), and optional powered pile slope if selected.
  • This series is now available with a Tier 4i emissions compliant Cummins Diesel Engine, featuring an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) after-treatment system. Combining cooled EGR with a new High Pressure Common Rail fuel system enables cleaner and more efficient combustion and effectively controls NOx emissions. A fully integrated Cummins Diesel Particulate Filter also contributes to reducing emissions by more than 95%.
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